1.8kW power supply with integrated control system for vacuum bakeout applications

To TQG best knowledge there is no complete (i.e. hard- & software) bakeout system on the market which fully satisfies the needs of vacuum engineers and technicians. That’s why we have decided to build one which based on a powerful IoT based control system. A platform independent GUI allows to control several systems from desktop or smart phone via a browser. The bakeout boxes themselves can be connected to any power outlet and are connected wirelessly to a server running on a Raspberry Pi3.

This system is a great demonstration of our capabilities – combining high power electronics design and manufacturing with available low-cost IoT control components. From the beginning the EMC combability of such components is not straight forward, however we have demonstrated that it is possible and that we have it well under control.

The system has the following key features:

  • 1.8 kW maximum output power – can be used to power one heating tape or several heating tapes in parallel, e.g. in the case of difficult geometries
  • 3 independent thermocouple inputs. Temperature regulation according to one master or average temperature
  • Alarm and interlock functionality
    • Alarm if one slave thermocouples is disconnected OR if temperature on a single thermocouple is below or above a defined alarm threshold around the master thermocouple
    • Interlock if master thermocouple is disconnected OR if two slave thermocouples are disconnected OR if temperature on a single thermocouple is above a defined interlock threshold around the master thermocouple
  • PID control with integrated anti wind-up functionality
  • Temperature – time profile definition and automatic execution
  • Display and archiving of temperature profile

We have developed the fully functional prototype, please contact TQG for more details.