DC/DC Transformers and Microgrid

All sources of electrical renewable energy and energy storage systems are either inherently DC or have a mandatory internal DC-link bus. Conventional integration of multiple renewable sources into an AC electrical grid require expensive, less reliable and less efficient DC/AC converters for each one of these sources. For instance, in order to use the energy from a PV-panel to charge an electric vehicle, two stages of conversion are necessary: DC/AC at the production center and AC/DC at the charging center. A solution to this problematics, in our view, is to create an intermediate smart DC microgrid that will facilitate substantially the interconnection of many intermittent renewable sources and fast changing loads by using simpler, more reliable, more cost effective and more efficient DC/DC converters.

The smart DC microgrid concept is expected to bring enormous savings on both capital and operating cost of electrical grids at a local/regional scale and we believe has a great potential of development, changing the paradigm of electrical distribution networks (“local production/local consumption”) in the medium/long term.