Industrial IoT control

We have built up extended competences to quickly prototype industrial control applications, e.g. based on sensors and actuators. For this purpose, we use available low-cost IoT components. Simple analogue and digital IO signals can be directly handled by a Raspberry Pi, while for PWM modulations we use a Teensy in serial connection with a Rasperry Pi which then mainly serves for communication purposes (either ethernet or Wifi). We also use Raspberry Pis as access points and can therefore simply create our own wireless infrastructure, independently of existing and perhaps restricted Wifi systems. We use NodeRED to program the graphical user interface which allows for a platform independent control from desktop or smart phone via browser. Data exchange is handled via the MQTT protocol, designed to be reliable, data-agnostic, and lightweight and is quickly becoming the protocol of choice for IoT applications. Meanwhile we are able to interface our system with OPC and Siemens PLC.

For our smart grid applications, we require fast FPGA based solutions. Our aim is to build a CompactRIO (NI) style platform, however totally based on available low-cost open source hard- and software components.

For example, we have developed a solution which is using an open source electronics board to communicate between existing wireless network with Siemens 1500 PLC, it could potentially saving the cost for HMI software, license and hardware. Please contact us for further details.